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Main Sewer Line Clog Removal South Jersey

Do you suspect that your South Jersey home or business has a Main Sewer Line Clog? For fast and safe removal of Main Sewer Line Blockages, call Hess Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (856) 889-0500 or (609) 515-5150.



Main sewer line clogs can cause raw sewage to back up in your drains and into your house. To prevent, or at least minimize, the damage to your home, property and wallet, it is important to recognize when to call a professional plumber for help!

Common warning signs of a main sewer line blockage:
• Water may back up from your toilet, or your toilet may overflow
• Slow flushing and draining of your toilet
• Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilet
• Strange drain occurrences like: you flush a toilet and water comes out of the tub, or after running the washing machine the toilet overflows, or you run the water in your bathroom sink and your toilet water rises or bubbles up
• Raw sewage backing up out of the drains
• A puddle of sewage water and debris collecting on your lawn, usually near your curb by way of your clean out or air vent

Do you have a Main Sewer Line Blockage problem? Don’t worry! Call us at (856) 889-0500 or (609) 515-5150 and we will be on the way!

The most common reasons for a main sewer line clogs include:

• tree roots growing into and around your sewer lines causes cracks, holes and clogs
• objects, feminine products, paper towels and thicker toilet paper cause blockages in sewer lines
• build up of oil, grease and fat clogs sewer lines
• broken, cracked, dislocated, sagging or collapsed sewer lines prevent proper drainage and cause backups

Having Main Sewer Line problems?

Let the Drain Cleaning experts at Hess Plumbing clear your clogged Main Sewer Line today! Emergency and Same Day Service is available in the Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County and Cape May County area by calling (856) 889-0500 or (609) 515-5150.


We provide many Main Sewer Line Services to South Jersey Homeowners and Businesses including:

  • Main Sewer Line Clog Removal
  • Main Sewer Line Blockage Removal
  • Main Sewer Line Clearing
  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning

“We had a big sewer clog – unable to use all the in-home drains (toilet, sink, tub, k-sinks, washing machine). After diagnosing the problem and seeing that a cleaning out was not going to work (although they did try this), Jack scheduled Mike for us to work on Sunday. He was here from 8:30 to around 7pm. Problem solved-and a heck of a lot of work.”

– Stewart R. in Delran NJ

jack-hess-jr-master-plumber-nj“Our goal is simple. It is to treat our customer as if they were family, and to offer our customers the trusted service and respect that I would want from a technician repairing something for my mother or my sister in their home. The truth is we really care about our customers’ plumbing and heating problems and are committed to going the extra mile to solve them.” Jack Hess Jr.
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